Men and body image

Ok boys… I realized that I blog waaay too much about women, and I feel as though I’m being biased. So, here’s your turn.

Adios Barbie is a website, which also focuses on body image and the media. One of their journalists, Chris Godsey, recently blogged about how he felt when it comes to the media’s depiction of the perfect body pertaining to men. Case and point, Brad Pitt.


Don’t lie guys, all the ladies know that all men have a secret “man crush” on Brad Pitt. How could you not? If you’ve seen Fight Club, then I refuse to believe that you don’t have a mini crush on him.  He has rock hard abs, a chisled body, he’s hilarious, he always plays a great character, and he’s been with some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

Godsey blogs, “While I’m cool with thinking those guys are fine, I’m bothered by my occasional inability to see them, Men’s Health magazine, or any Soloflex commercial, without honestly believing that unless I have three percent body fat, a hairless torso and washboard abs, I’m a sorry human being.”

So while men put on this “cool” image about being laid back and not caring about anything, do they secretly obsess about the way they look just as women do?

Godsey continues, “It’s like I’m a woman. My sense self-esteem too often depends on how I see my body, and my body image is increasingly affected (infected?) by a continuous, arbitrary onslaught of images and messages that dictate the rights and wrongs of physical appearance. And I’m not the only guy going through it.”

There you have it, ladies. Men do care, just as we do. Godsey even admits at one point that after watching Fight Club, he counted calories, skipped breakfast, and doubled the week’s workouts. Wow.

Godsey concludes, “Body image is no longer an exclusively female problem. In fact, men now have between 10%  to 20% of all eating disorders. Body image isn’t limited by race, culture, religion, social or financial status, education or geography either. It’s a human problem, and it runs remarkably deep. And since we caused it, I’d like to believe we have the ability to fix it.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


~ by jklein0414 on November 8, 2009.

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