Photoshop. Retouch. Frankensteining?

I Heart Daily is a free newsletter that features articles on fashion, style, entertainment, and beauty.

They have also reported on Ralph Laurenism (love my made-up word). The newsletter even published an interview with Emily White, “a professional retoucher who works on the high fashion glossy images you see in magazines and ad campaigns.”

White knows all the secrets of Hollywood when it comes to beauty and appearance, because she sees the stars in their natural light. By natural light, I mean no make-up, no retouch, just simply celebrities.

Believe it or not, stars are just like real people.

After reading this interview, I learned a lot more about the photoshop business. Just when I thought I knew enough to make me sick, I learned more. “Frankensteining” is a term used by retouchers which White describes as, “It means taking the “best” parts from different photos, using the best arm from one shot or the best face from another image, and putting them all together. The most extreme instance of this was replacing a person’s body with someone else’s body. This celebrity had a body double, and I had to take her face and match the skin tone and everything to the different body.”

So, there you have it readers. Not only are celebrities and models retouched and made up, but some even use a body double.

And when asked if models have cellulite too? White replied, “Yes, even models have cellulite and some have a lot.”




~ by jklein0414 on October 20, 2009.

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