The irony of Dove’s campaign for real beauty

The first time I saw this commercial, I was blown away. This shows the media’s definition of beauty for what it truly is, which is a complete lie. The particular woman looks nothing like she did when she first sat down in the chair. Dove’s ads are truly remarkable, but don’t you find it ironic that the same company that runs the ads for Dove, also runs the ads for Axe? 

Pretty ironic, huh? Axe’s advertisements are everything that Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty stands against. Come on Unilever, what are you trying to tell us here? Here is another video that parodies one of Dove’s slogans, “Talk to your daughter, before the beauty industry does.”


~ by jklein0414 on October 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “The irony of Dove’s campaign for real beauty”

  1. What a great observation! I had no idea they were the same company! I love Dove’s campaign for real beauty ads but it sucks that they can’t send a clear positive message. Great post!

  2. I think that it’s just another example of double standard.

    And if I were trying to sell women’s beauty products, I would target the ‘ordinary’ woman because that’s who does the shopping. Whereas Axe products are targeting the 18-25 year old boys and they want to attract women, smell fresh, sexy, etc. So you have to really grab their attention to get them to go buy THAT product. (And we could throw in a joke about the simpler male mind here.)

    I’m not sure that I can place blame on them for doing what they have to do to sell beauty products. I do think (despite the double standard) that Dove’s “real beauty” is at least one step in the right direction. I mean, who else uses “ordinary” women in their ads?

  3. Cari,

    I definitely agree with you regarding Axe’s target audience; however, the whole point of this blog is to fight the stereotype in society. Just because young boys love to look at half-naked women, doesn’t mean that Axe needs to advertise the way it does. Studies show that young girls are severely susceptible to the media’s messages. What are these ads saying? We need to look at the long term effects.

    And you’re completely right about the fact that Unilever is a double standard. Axe sells its product by essentially degrading women, while Dove does the complete and total opposite. The point of this post is to show the true colors of the media. Unilever just wants to make money, do they actually care about Dove’s campaign beyond the fact that they are making millions off of it? I would say…. definitely not.

  4. Unilever also produces skin-lightening creams, such as ‘White Beauty’ and ‘Fair and Lovely’ in India. So while Unilever preaches to Western women to accept themselves as theu are, it simultaneously is telling Indian women that their dark skin is unattractive.

    The Real Beauty campaign is a great message, but at the heart of it Unilever is still a company and nothing more. Money will always be the bottom line.

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