The European fashion industry takes control

If the fashion capitals of the world can do it, why can’t we?

Paris, Milan, London, and Rome, I’m drooling already. These cities are four of the five fashion capitals of the world. The only one missing? New York.

Here are a few examples that I have highlighted from this article regarding Europe’s acknowledgment of body image issues (this article was printed in April):

1. In April, the French Fashion Industry signed a charter to promote healthy bodies in magazine advertisements and on the catwalk

2. Spain has set a MINIMUM body mass index for runway models (18, this translates to 123 pounds for a 5’7 model)

3. Signatories pledged to not use models (especially youthful models) that “could contribute to promoting extreme thinness”

4. Spain is the first European country to take a tough stance

5. An anti-anorexia charter was signed in Italy in February 2007, which promotes beauty and bans girls under 16 from the runway

6. Models on Italian runways must show health certificates that prove they do NOT suffer from an eating disorder

7. In Britain, models who do or have suffered from an eating disorder must present certificates that they are getting help and being treated

(all taken from here)

Oh come on America, if they can do it, so can we.


~ by jklein0414 on September 24, 2009.

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