The Lizzie Miller Glamour Debacle

Lizzie Miller is a 20-year-old model. She stands 5’11 and weighs 180 pounds. She is not plus sized.


Typically, Glamour Magazine features models that are re-touched to perfection. The magazine, like many others, airbrushes and re-shapes their models to look like flawless porcelain dolls with size zero waists.

Lizzie Miller decided to go against this fashion norm by asking the magazine to photograph her body in its natural light. No airbrush, no re-touch or re-shape, just Lizzie Miller.

As soon as the issue came out, the magazine’s website was flooded with comments asking who the model was. This just goes to show that many women would rather see natural models who look healthy and like they each a cheeseburger every once in a while, rather than bony stick-figures.

The media has been so out of control with the models they choose, that they have forced the public to think that this is how they have to look, to look good. According to The Inquisitr, many women even became teary-eyed when they saw Lizzie’s photographs.


~ by jklein0414 on September 22, 2009.

One Response to “The Lizzie Miller Glamour Debacle”

  1. She may not be plus-sized but she is a plus-size model. Plus size models can be anywhere from a US size 6 to a US size 20.

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